OHPS was founded in 1952 to promote the permanent preservation of buildings of beauty or historic interest in Hastings and St. Leonards-on-Sea and to foster an interest in the history of the town.  One of the prime reasons for its formation was to save JOHN COLLIER’S STABLES  Now The Stables Theatre and to discourage the “tudorisation” of buildings in the Old Town, particularly in All Saints Street.

Our iconic Net Shops were also under threat at that time.

Fisherman’s Museum
In 1954 the Society suggested to the Council that a Fishermen’s Museum be opened and in 1956 the Society opened the museum in the old Fishermen’s Church with the RX 278 “Enterprise” as the main exhibit.

Net Shop restoration
5 were burnt down July 1961, 2 more blown down by gales, £1000 raised to restore them. The OHPS and collections at the Fishermen’s Museum continued to fund net Shop repairs until 1980’s when the CAPS scheme and HBC took over.

In 1961 the cost to replace one was £200 with the fishermen providing the labour.

Old Town Walks
In 1958 the Society started Old Town Walks every Tuesday during the summer months meeting at the top of the West Hill Lift at 2.30 in 2013 they run from 7th May to 10th September.

Planning Applications
We try to monitor planning applications and in 1999 started our Old Town Buildings Database which records and photographs buildings and the history of their occupation.





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