Sidney Little

_wsb_557x273_23.10.50+SL+Darwell+resvSidney Little – sometimes referred to as “The Concrete King”  was appointed to the post of Hastings Borough and Water Engineer in 1926, and over a period of the next almost 30 years, was to have an influence on the structure of the town that is still appreciated and talked about today.

What he found on his appointment was a run-down Victorian resort that he would turn into a modern paradise of concrete and chrome . Little took a walk around the town before his interview for the post. He was dismayed by what he found. Hastings and St Leonards were sleepy Victorian seaside towns that had yet to embrace the 20th Century. He told the interview panel that, if appointed, he would bring the town up-to-date. Once appointed he set out with a resolve and determination to do just that.

Sidney LIttle and the front line

Sidney Little on Flickr

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