Darwell and Powdermill reservoirs

_wsb_557x273_23.10.50+SL+Darwell+resvHis development of the Darwell and Powdermill reservoirs would ensure that the town had sufficient water well into the 1960s. The importance of quality built council housing, again, came within his remit and during his time he was instrumental in building council housing throughout the whole of the Borough, first locations in the 1930s were in Barley Lane and Ormerod Avenue – but his major projects were the new Hollington and Ore Estates in the immediate post war years.

It is true to say that he was a controversial character, and his plans for the rebuilding of Hastings and St Leonards after the war were, to put it mildly, futuristic. It’s rumoured that he said Hitler had not bombed enough of the town to make a complete rebuild the simple way forward. His ideas, that were presented to the council in the immediate post-war years were not received with much enthusiasm. – in fact he found that the elected representative were  not as easy to work with as in pre-war days and it is reported that he was once told to “stop thinking of making so many changes and concentrate on the tasks that were essential to his remit as Borough and Water Engineer”.

Sidney retired from his post in 1951 but was kept on as a consultant until his death in 1961.


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